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LIFT operates in Chicago, D.C., Los Angeles and New York. We partner with high-quality community and early childcare organizations who refer parents and caregivers to our services (parents are also welcome to contact one of our offices directly). While these community institutions are focused on helping children develop and thrive, we concentrate on engaging and supporting their parents.

We then work to build a strong, trusted relationship with each parent or caregiver, who LIFT refers to as our members. Each member is paired with a coach (one of LIFT’s professionally trained volunteers) who works with their member to create an actionable goal plan centered around family goals. Family goals often include increasing savings and reducing debt, finding high-quality educational opportunities and securing jobs that can provide more economic stability.

Members and their coaches meet virtually and in-person at least once a month to make progress toward their goals. Along the way, LIFT provides families with funds to meet emergency needs and support long-term goals, connects parents to a broader community of their peers and volunteer mentors and provides access to curated local resources and partnerships.

Through this relationship, we help parents develop the personal well-being, social connections and financial strength they need to achieve economic mobility and break the cycle of poverty for their families.

All of LIFT’s services are completely free and available in both English and Spanish! The criteria for becoming a LIFT member is:

  • Be a parent or caregiver of a child eight or under (expecting parents and parents without current custody of their children are included)
  • Have stable housing for the next six months
  • Employed or in an education program
  • Available and interested in coaching

LIFT believes a goal-oriented, relational and holistic approach can change lives over time. That’s why we’re helping parents and caregivers build personal well-being, social connections and financial strength. Each of these elements fosters the other and provides a comprehensive foundation for families, which is why LIFT’s work is designed to build aspects of each into every interaction.

LIFT works with each and every client to address:

Personal Well-Being:

Health (both physical and mental), resilience, confidence and efficacy are all critical to how an individual thrives.

Social Connections:

Healthy relationships formed among people, the community and institutions promote trust and belonging that can offer a shield from depression, anxiety and stress.

Financial Strength:

The ability to meet basic needs, obtain education, secure stable employment and understand the impact of building credit and savings all increase a family’s capacity to achieve economic security

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