Youth Mental Health First Aid July 19th Virtual Training on ZOOM

Mental Health First Aid® is a skills-based national certification course that teaches participants to recognize and respond to a mental health or substance use concern or crisis and connect the person in need to appropriate care.

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Most of us would know how to help if we saw someone having a heart attack — we’d start CPR or call 9-1-1. But too few of us would know how to respond if we saw someone having a panic attack or showing signs of substance use disorder.

Just as CPR helps you assist an individual having a heart attack, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)® teaches you how to assist and support others who may be experiencing a mental health or substance use challenge.

Mental Health First Aid® is an evidenced based national certification course that teaches participants to recognize and respond to a mental health or substance use concern or crisis and connect the person in need to appropriate care.

The MHFA® course includes a 5­-step action plan, ALGEE, which can be used in various types of crisis and non-crisis situations.

Assess for risk of suicide or harm.

Listen non-judgmentally.

Give reassurance and information.

Encourage appropriate professional help.

Encourage self-help and other support strategies.

MHFA® is administered by the National Council for Mental Wellbeing. The course is available virtually and in-person.

More than 3 million people across the United States have been trained in MHFA by thousands of certified Instructors.

Join MCA in our effort to promote mental health prevention and early intervention by getting certified in Mental Health First Aid®.

This course involves two hours of self paced online training followed by a 6 hour virtual course on zoom.

Course details

Pre-Work: This 2 hour virtual lesson is designed to be completed at your own pace. Pre-work s a prerequisite for attending the virtual portion of the training on July 19th and must be fully completed to be eligible to continue with the 6 hour virtual training. This is a requirement for certification and therefore we cannot offer any exceptions.

A link to the pre-work training will be sent directly to the email used in registration. If you do not receive this link within 48 hours of registration please contact our office ASAP at [email protected] or 240 744 0024

The Virtual Training will take place

Friday July 19th

9:30am to 4pm EST

Registration for this training is limited to 30 participants.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course begins with the two hour self paced online training followed by a 6 hour in person training scheduled 9:30am-4pm on June 21.2024
How much do I need to interact or self disclose durning the training?
The virtual pre-work is done independently. The in person part of the training will involve live interactive discussions and exercises that help participants learn and practice the YMHFA skills. Although there is limited opportunity to share personal experiences with mental health challenges, it is not expected or necessary and the training is focused on only discussions related to gaining new knowledge and skills.
How do I get certified in YMHFA?
Once you complete the training you will be certified in YHFA and have the knowledge and skills to respond to youth who exhibit signs and symptoms of a mental or substance abuse challenge or crisis. YMHFA certification is valid for 3 years. Although no further training is required to maintain certification for the period you can obtain recertification at anytime for a new 3 year period by taking another YMHFA course..
Will this training certify me in mental health first aid with adults?
The YMHFA training certifies you to offer mental health first aid to individuals up to 18 years of age. You can enroll in the Adult Mental Health First Aid course to become certified in MHFA with adults 18 years and over.
Can I take this training if I am almost 18?
Training is only avilable to participants 18 and older. However, the Teen Mental Health First Aid will offer the skills to participants ages 15-18. The TMHFA is currently in its initial stages and there are very limited trainings available. We look forward to expanded opportunities. For now, more information about TMHFA can be found at
What is the difference between the virtual and in person training?
The difference between the virtual and in person trainings is only the format and location. The content and structure of the course is exactly the same whether you take the in person or virtual course. The virtual pre-work is also the same. Some people prefer learning in person while others prefer the convenience of zoom. The virtual course also allows us to expand the opportunity to people outside our local community. Whether you become certified online or in person, you wil be trained fully i a format that best matches your preference and circumstance.

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