College Readiness Skills for Life-Long Learning, Success, and Well-Being.

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LaunchWell™ College Readiness Program

College readiness for mental health prevention, academic success and lifelong well-being.

The LaunchWell™ self-study program combines individual assessments, straightforward facts about health and behavior, evidenced-based living skills, strategies, and resources proven to enhance health, success, and well-being in college and life long.

For only $19.95 and 3 hours of focused attention, this self-paced program teaches high school and college students how to:

  • develop goal-directed behaviors,
  • manage stress, reduce anxiety,
  • handle difficult emotions,
  • develop independent learning skills,
  • improve attention,
  • improve problem-solving,
  • manage academic challenges,
  • make rewarding friendships,
  • enhance communication skills,
  • deal with conflict
  • establish schedules and behaviors that promote self-care
  • and much more.

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LaunchWell™ College Readiness Program

Why All Students Need Our Program to Launch Well

"I would definitely recommend the program and tell students to use it and treat it as their bible." Student Participant