LaunchWell™ provides 70 very brief, dynamic, and easy to read lessons designed to be completed in less than three hours. Upon completion of the program, you will be better prepared to:

·       Enhance problem solving skills.

·       Understand biological and personality differences that impact mood and behavior. 

·       Develop individualized learning and study strategies.

·       Improve goal setting strategies and goal directed behaviors. 

·       Identify strengths and challenges that impact task management.

·       Develop personalized strategies to managing time, schedules, school work and self care.

·       Make and sustain healthy friendships.

·       Manage stress and decrease anxiety.

·       Improve memory, focus and attention.

·       Set boundaries and limits.

·       Develop effective communication and confict management skils. 

·       Manage difficult emotions and reduce risk for depression.

·       Reduce avoidant behaviors and procrastination.

·       Develop effective behaviors with and without motivation.

·       Increase independent daily living skills.

·       and much, much more

All of this can really be achieved in less time than most students spend shopping for dorm rooms. Less time it takes to register for classes, rewatch your favorite episodes of The Office this week, and find Facebook groups linked to your chosen school.

The program is self-paced, literally. We recommend that you take your time moving through the lessons. Although they are short, they are packed full of information. Let it settle and sink in—no need to rush or race ahead. You will find some of the lessons more interesting and personally relevant than others. That's a good thing. It reflects the fact that every student arrives at this point differently and has a unique learning curve ahead of them.

You can log in to the program at your convenience from any browser with your username and password. A few lessons include attached assessments and other resources. All documents are formatted to be downloaded and printed from your computer to complete. We encourage you to keep them and use them when they are helpful to you at school.

Your time spent reading lessons and completing forms will not be viewed or recorded by anyone other than you. There are no grades or discussions. Just like many of the assignments in college, your participation and learning will be unmonitored, requires initiative, and will benefit you in many ways that are not immediately obvious or defined.

The LaunchWell™ program covers a significant amount of information. At times it may feel overwhelming or raise questions and concerns that are uncomfortable or create anxiety. Proceed through the program at a rate that feels comfortable to you. If any of the lessons increase stress, take a break and talk to someone you trust about the thoughts and feelings you notice. 

If you find yourself growing increasingly stressed or anxious, it is very important for you to get professional help to process and problem-solve with a trained mental health therapist or educational specialist. The program is not intended to replace therapy or individual educational programming. Therapists and Educators at Metropolitan Counseling Associates work with teens and young adults every day to address the issues in this program. They are available in person in Bethesda, Maryland, and through telehealth nationwide. There are also many excellent resources in local communities across the country. For information about services at Metropolitan Counseling Associates or how to access other resources within your community, please email [email protected]

Whether you are enrolled in the course because you are interested, to appease your parents, or to fill your time, your time and effort will be an excellent investment in yourself and your future.

There is a lot to gain, and really, nothing to lose.

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